Can you feel the heat? Here’s our tips for being fire safe

Your home

Summer is finally here and many of us are enjoying the warmer weather. But while we’re having fun in the sun, here’s some information to help prevent fires and put fire safety first.

Barbecue fire safety


Barbecues are not permitted on balconies due to the fire safety risk they pose – this is in line with the terms of our tenancy and lease agreements.

But if you have your own garden and are considering having a barbecue, please consider the following:

  • Be careful where you position your BBQ – we suggest on level ground, well away from anything flammable like sheds, fences, trees or tents.
  • Don't use petrol, paraffin or any flammable liquids on your BBQ – firelighters are a safer option.
  • BBQs can stay hot for hours and can also give off carbon monoxide fumes for several hours after they go out, so don't bring them indoors, or into a tent, with you.

Fire doors

Even though it may be tempting to keep fire doors slightly wedged open to let some air circulate, please make sure that all fire doors stay closed.

Fire doors can prevent a fire from spreading for up to 30 minutes. If a fire was to occur and the doors were kept open, it would spread quickly throughout the building and affect your own and other residents’ safety.

Aerosols and glass

Did you know that aerosols left on windowsills in the heat can explode and cause fires? And mirrors or glass beads in direct sunlight can also cause fires?

If you have items in your home that are a fire risk, consider closing your curtains or blinds at times to prevent fires.

Further info

Fire safety advice is available on the London Fire Brigade website

Further information in our help section How can I keep my home safe from fire?

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