Dreaming of a fire safe Christmas

Your home

December is upon us, which means one of the most magical times of the year is here. But it can also be a dangerous time when it comes to fires. So, let’s be careful when decking the halls so we can all have a safe and happy holiday.

Christmas fire safety advice

Caution with your Christmas tree & decorations

It’s fun to put our Christmas trees up alongside with decorations and cards, but make sure they’re not placed near fireplaces and candles. If your tree is real, ensure it’s well-watered daily, as a dry tree is far more likely to catch fire.

What about those fairy lights?

Fairy lights look so pretty this time of year but make sure you switch them off and unplug them if you leave your home and before you go to bed. They’re surprisingly good at causing house fires.

Careful in your kitchen

Give yourself enough time to prepare and cook a celebration dinner to avoid accidents that come from rushing. Wipe up any flammable spills such as cooking oil quickly – most home fires begin in the kitchen.

Check your plug sockets

It’s always exciting to receive a new gift, but don’t overload plug sockets with cables with new gadgets and appliances, and always read the instructions first. No one wants to damage their brand-new gifts.

Mindful of open fire hazards

If you’re displaying your menorah in the window, make sure your curtains and any other flammable materials are well clear. As with other naked flames such as candles, don’t leave them unattended or somewhere where a child or animal could knock them over.

If you like it, don’t put a wreath on it

If you live in a shared communal space with a courtyard, hallway, staircase, etc – you’re not allowed to decorate the outside of your home backing onto that communal area.

It’s not because we don’t want you to celebrate Christmas or any other occasion, but because items left in communal spaces can cause problems if there’s an emergency. While a wreath and any other festive trimmings may not necessarily be a hazard, bikes, shoes, doormats and other items are, which is why we have this policy.

But most importantly…

Have a safe and happy holiday! We wish you and your loved ones a merry festive season and happy new year.