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What are my rights and responsibilities as a homeowner?

This is a summary of the main rights and responsibilities set out in your lease.

The right to live in your home

  • You can live in your home in peace and quiet
  • You can have access to your home, including any shared areas, at all times.


  • We'll not change your lease agreement without your permission
  • We'll ask you about long-term maintenance and improvement work that we plan to carry out on your home.

Using your home

  • You, your family and your visitors mustn't use your home or any shared area for any illegal activity
  • You, your family and your visitors mustn't damage or draw graffiti on our property
  • You mustn't run a business from your home without our permission
  • You must keep your home clean and redecorate when necessary
  • You must allow our staff or representatives to enter or inspect your home, or carry out any necessary repairs
  • You must keep your home free from vermin, such as mice and cockroaches.

In and around your home

  • You mustn't place or store goods in any shared area, or block any corridors, staircases, balconies or lifts as this is a fire risk
  • You mustn't put up structures, such as sheds or garages, anywhere on your property without our permission
  • If you have your own garden, you must keep this neat and tidy by cutting the lawn, pruning trees and trimming the hedges.


  • You, your family and your visitors mustn't park a vehicle anywhere on your property, except in defined parking areas.
  • You mustn't do major car repairs or park an illegal or unroadworthy vehicle on the land around your home or on the road.

Rent and service charges

  • We'll tell you what rent and service charges you must pay
  • We'll tell you beforehand about any change in your rent or service charge payments
  • You're responsible for paying any rent and service charges in line with your lease agreement. Your service charge pays for items such as maintaining door entry systems, cleaning shared areas and gardening.

Getting involved

  • We'll give you opportunities to get involved and influence services
  • We'll consult you on how we manage your home and the services you receive.


  • You're responsible for the behaviour of every person living in, or visiting, your home, including in shared areas
  • You, your family and your visitors mustn't cause a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any other person
  • You, your family and your visitors mustn't throw anything from a window, block or balcony.

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