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How can I make a buildings insurance claim?

If you're a homeowner living in a property where we're responsible for arranging a buildings insurance policy and you need to make a claim, you're responsible for managing the claim directly with the insurers, Zurich Municipal. If you're a tenant you will not need to make a claim on our buildings insurance. You should request repairs or report damage to us in the usual way.

Contact Zurich Municipal to make a claim:

Please tell us when you contact them.

Zurich Municipal will:

  • Take all the details of your claim and advise you on what to do next
  • Consider whether your claim is likely to be costly
  • They may appoint a ‘loss adjuster’ to assess the work needed to make sure the repairs are completed within a suitable timescale and at a minimal cost
  • They may also appoint their own contractor to carry out the work
  • Decide if your claim is covered by the policy, and will give you permission to start any work needed. In most cases, they'll ask you to get two detailed quotes from two different contractors which you'll need to send them. Alternatively, you can ask Zurich Municipal if they can appoint a contractor for you.

If the claim is the result of criminal damage, you must report the crime to the police as our insurers may not accept your claim without a crime reference number. The insurers will tell you about this when you contact them.

If you're a homeowner, you'll have to pay an excess of £250* for each loss when you make a claim. However, if the damage is caused by subsidence, landslip or heave, this excess for each loss will be £1,000. As a homeowner, you may need to pay this amount direct to our insurers or the contractor. This depends on how the claim is dealt with. If you have paid for work to be completed and need to be reimbursed by the insurer, the excess will be deducted from the settlement.

Remember: Depending on the circumstances of your claim, it could take several weeks for Zurich Municipal to deal with it. You may therefore need to pay for the repair work to be carried out before you get money from the insurance policy. If you don’t think you can afford to do this, you may ask the insurer to give you an interim payment towards the total cost until they fully examine your claim. You could also ask them to appoint their own contractors to carry out the work.

You shouldn't carry out any works before Zurich Municipal has accepted your claim unless it is an emergency, such as urgent plumbing, electricity repairs or the securing of your property.

* This amount is correct as at May 2017.

If we're not responsible for insuring the building you live in, you'll need to contact the managing agent or building contact to make a claim.

Urgent claims

Sometimes ‘emergency’ work can be carried out straight away and a claim can be made later. This may be when your home needs to be made safe, such as after a break-in or water damage. If you need to contact the insurers in an emergency, please phone 0800 0280 336.

If you pay for any emergency work, you must make sure you get a receipt. You can claim for the cost of the work later as long as the damage is covered by the policy.

If you can, you should contact the insurers directly first of all to get their permission to go ahead and have the repairs carried out. Zurich Municipal may suggest you use their approved contractor and may offer to make arrangements for the contractor to visit you and carry out the works. This may be the quickest and most convenient way of dealing with an emergency. However, you don't have to use Zurich's contractor, especially if there's another you would rather use.

Please be aware that Zurich Municipal may well limit what they pay to what they think is a reasonable cost of getting the works done. So if you find you have overpaid for the works, you may not be fully reimbursed.

Here's further information on how to claim and get help in an emergency.


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