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The Regeneration team offers diverse, creative and often award-winning solutions that exactly match the brief; employing a local focus and using strategies that deliver national priorities.

Our aim is to provide solutions which maximise a positive market response and are of economic benefit to all stakeholder partners and local residents.

Thanks to A2Dominion’s reputation, excellent performance record and expertise in complex funding models, we are able to offer our partners creative and innovative approaches throughout the process – from planning through the supply chain to funding and sharing risk.

Our achievements

Green Man Lane Ealing


The Green Man Lane estate in West Ealing is being transformed through a £136m regeneration project. A2Dominion, working with Rydon and Ealing Council, will deliver a total of 706 new homes for affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale. Green Man Lane has been ranked as a Regeneration & Renewal Top 100 Project. www.greenmanlane.co.uk

Stanwell New Start, Spelthorne


The £50m Stanwell New Start project is delivering 333 high quality new homes for rent, shared ownership and private sale, replacing post-war homes which could not be brought up to Decent Homes Standards. The regeneration includes a ‘extra care’ sheltered housing scheme for older people, a community centre, parks and green open spaces.

St Michael's Road, Ashford


A2Dominion transformed St Michael’s Road in Ashford, replacing 65 outdated homes with 81 new houses and apartments for Spelthorne residents. Consultation was paramount to this project with residents consulted at stages throughout the planning and development process to obtain their input on proposals.

Bowes and Wapshott Road Estates, Egham


Working with Runnymede Council, A2Dominion put together a £20m regeneration package to modernise the substandard Bowes and Wapshott post-war estates in Egham. In total, 108 brand new homes were provided for affordable rent and outright sale.

Beavers Lane, Hounslow


The £25m Beavers Lane scheme involved the replacement of 98 flats in structurally defective blocks with 200 new homes, including a mix of houses and apartments for rent, shared ownership and private sale. Working with Hounslow Council, Hounslow Homes and United House Ltd, A2Dominion was part of this key regeneration project.


To find out more about our regeneration services, please email David Price, Regeneration Director at regen@a2dominion.co.uk.

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