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Housing services

Housing services - happy family

Representing the largest percentage of housing within A2Dominion’s portfolio, our rented homes provide thousands of residents with quality homes throughout London and southern England.

As a Registered Provider, we provide the majority of our homes for permanent rent and have established a solid track record for working closely with local authorities to provide workable housing solutions that meet specific community needs.

With affordable housing high on the country’s agenda, we have the financial strength to respond positively to new opportunities as they arise and to turn them into real housing solutions for the community.


Whilst new houses can be regarded as the building blocks, it is people who create a community.

Strategically, A2Dominion works with residents, local authority partners and residents’ representative bodies to develop initiatives that will both encourage residents to take a wider interest in the management of their homes and enable them to work together on community-wide issues that affect their lives.

As a responsible landlord, we must always ensure that we deliver quality services which represent value for money to residents. A primary goal is to put residents first in the planning and delivery of everything that we do, and to involve them as much as possible in the estate management and ongoing community initiatives where they live.

Customer services

We aim to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services across the Group.


One of our top priorities is to provide an efficient, customer-focused maintenance and repairs services. We have a consistent commitment to heavily investing in capital and major repairs projects to ensure that all the homes provided are maintained to a high standard.

The majority of our repair services are provided through Pyramid Plus, an asset management company which brings together the expertise of A2Dominion, Breyer B-Line and MITIE.


To find out more, please email the Housing Services team at customer.services@a2dominion.co.uk

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