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Community investment

A2Dominion’s Community Involvement team takes a pro-active approach to resident consultation, involvement and development.

We are dedicated to increasing the strength and effectiveness of community life and improving local conditions, especially for people in disadvantaged situations. We encourage resident participation in public decision-making, helping them to gain more control over their circumstances and their quality of life.

Our strategic aims are:

  • community cohesion
  • capacity building of residents
  • resident empowerment.

We do this by engaging, consulting and working with:

  • Individual residents – to help them become more actively involved
  • Local groups and organisations – to help them develop and work more effectively
  • Public authorities, professional agencies and the business sector – to help them understand the dynamics of community life and get their support so they can deliver their own services in ways that better meet the needs of communities and neighbourhoods.

The team work on a range of programmes across London and south England, focusing on children and young people, community development, volunteer services, training and employment and resident involvement.


To find out more about the team, please contact us.

You can also learn more about what we do in the Residents and Communities section:

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