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Group structure

Group structure

Group structure chart

A2Dominion Housing Group Ltd

An exempt charity, I&P Soc. No. 28985R HCA Reg. L4240
Registered Office: The Point, 37 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1BD
All of the entities listed on this page are registered in England and Wales.

Formed in October 2008, A2Dominion Housing Group Ltd is a charitable Industrial & Provident Society and is the non-asset holding parent organisation responsible for the Group’s overall strategy and performance. A2Dominion Group is a trading name of A2Dominion Housing Group, which includes the organisations listed below.

On 1 April 2011 the Group Board adopted a collapsed group structure on a “virtual” basis as an interim measure until a single legal entity for all the registered providers is possible. Within this structure the A2Dominion housing providers indicated (*) share board members with the Group Board.

A2Dominion Homes Ltd*

An exempt charity, I&P Soc. No. 18313R HCA Reg LH0391

A registered provider with charitable status. With regional offices in Ealing and Oxford, A2Dominion Homes is responsible for managing the Group’s homes in the London boroughs, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Bristol and Berkshire.

A2Dominion South Ltd*

An exempt charity, I&P Soc. No. 28641R HCA Reg LH4149

A registered provider with charitable status. With a regional office in Staines, A2Dominion South is responsible for managing the Group’s homes in Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, East and West Sussex and Wiltshire. A2Dominion South also owns and manages properties for key workers (NHS and intermediate rent), students and market rent in the Group’s three main regions (London, North and South).

A2Dominion Housing Options Ltd*

I&P Soc. No. 29122R HCA Reg. SL4293

A non-charitable Industrial & Provident Society providing low cost home ownership and other home purchase initiatives in the Group’s South region.


A2Dominion Developments Ltd

(Co. No. 05585321)

These are the Group’s primary commercial subsidiaries responsible for developing new social housing accommodation and homes for sale. Their non-grant funded developments generate funds for the Group to reinvest into its social activities.

Other subsidiaries

  • A2Dominion Housing Finance Ltd (I&P Soc. No. 29316R)
  • A2Dominion Treasury Ltd (Co. No. 06583682)
  • A2Dominion Residential Ltd (Co. No. 05230209)

Joint ventures

Essex Wharf Homes LLP (Co. No. OC334564)
Green Man Lane LLP (Co. No. OC353120)
Queens Wharf Riverside LLP (Co. No. OC351121)
Pyramid Plus London LLP (OC381404)
Pyramid Plus South LLP (OC381427)
Secure Storage Solutions LLP (OC338018)

Pyramid Plus is a brand name used by Pyramid Plus London LLP and Pyramid Plus South LLP.

A2Dominion New Homes is a brand name used by A2Dominion Housing Group Limited and its associated entities for marketing new homes for both private sale and shared ownership sale.

A2Dominion Housing Group Ltd
An exempt charity, Industrial & Provident Society No. 28985R
Homes and Communities Agency Reg. L4240.

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