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Our background

The A2Dominion Group manages over 34,000 homes and employs up to 900 people.

Our history goes back over 60 years, in which time we have received numerous awards and accreditations, including ‘Investor in People Gold’ and ‘Positive about Disabled People’ status.

We are also part of the G15, an independent group of London’s largest housing associations which work to plough profits back into building new homes, improve existing housing stocks, and develop and deliver services to residents and neighbourhoods.

Our history

A2Dominion Group
Was formed in October 2008 as a result of the merger between A2 and Dominion Housing Groups. A2Dominion New Homes is the brand name used to market all homes for shared ownership and private sale.
A2 Housing Group
Was formed in 2005 following the merger between Airways Housing Group and Apex Housing Group, and later with Winchester Housing Group.
Dominion Housing Group
Was formed in 2004 following the merger between Acton Housing Association and Cherwell Housing Trust, and later with Kelsey Housing Association.

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