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Land buying

A2Dominion is always looking for new opportunities to work with landowners. We are interested in residential opportunities, with or without planning permission, on a conditional or unconditional basis.

Why are we different?
We reinvest all our appropriate profits into the Group’s core activity of providing affordable housing across London and southern England.

What can we offer?
We have an experienced and highly skilled team, who can offer proven planning expertise and a track record of winning land against established and mainstream housebuilders. We will also pay land acquisition fees and resales commission where appropriate.

Our successful development programme demonstrates our ability to deliver well-thought out proposals that maximise site potential and complement the local community and surrounding environment.

We work closely with all groups who have an interest or are directly affected by our building projects, with comprehensive local consultation programmes ensuring key stakeholders are kept informed of progress. This helps us to enlist the local communities’ support and guidance in shaping our new developments.

Contact us

To discuss any land opportunities you may have please contact our Land Team at newbusiness@a2dominion.co.uk

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