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Residents celebrate 10 years of vibrant community centre


Celebrations have taken place to mark the 10th anniversary of a vibrant community centre at the heart of Queen’s Park, Westminster.
More than 500 residents turned out to enjoy a host of activities on Saturday 2nd July to mark the milestone year for the Beethoven Centre, which is owned and run by A2Dominion.

Face painting, a fancy dress competition, a raffle, bicycle maintenance sessions and children’s activities were just some of the attractions that were on offer at the centre in Third Avenue.

Lorna Anderson, A2Dominion’s Director of Customer Services, presented a number of awards as part of a Community Awards Ceremony to acknowledge residents’ achievements at various classes at the centre, and contributions to the centre’s work.

Local resident Liz Olivieri, of Fifth Avenue, who attended with her family, said: “It’s great to be able to meet so many people from the neighbourhood. You get such a real sense of community here at the centre. My daughter’s class [Creative Dance] gave her a great experience and allowed her to perform in a real theatre.”

An outstanding achievement award was presented to Angela Singhate for her many contributions to the centre’s work, including a petition to save the valuable ‘Advice Plus’ service and organising events for Black History Month.

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