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Monitoring services

Our Quality Assurance Programme involves customers driving up the performance of our staff teams by regularly checking and reporting on the quality and standard of our communications, our contractors and our products.

There are a range of projects available throughout the year. Here's a sample of our most popular:

Become an estate inspector

An Estate Inspector visits a variety of neighbourhoods, inspecting the quality of the cleaning, gardening, and maintenance services provided to those areas. The results from the estate inspections are used to manage and improve the performance of the estate contractors. You will not be asked to inspect the estate that you live in.

How much time does it take?

An hour per inspection.

When is my next estate inspection?

See dates of the next estate inspections in our events calendar.

If an inspection date for your estate isn't listed yet, please keep checking the events calendar or contact us.

Become an estate inspector

You can also sign up to become an estate inspector for which we can offer you full training. Contact us for more information.

Help us to conduct surveys with customers

We use phone, written, online and email surveys to see what you think of our services.

These include ‘overall satisfaction surveys'. Customers conduct the surveys on our behalf in partnership with A2Dominion's survey teams.

How much time does it take?

A few minutes for each survey you agree to take part in.

Find out more

Contact us for more information.

Become a Neighbourhood Champion

Neighbourhood Champions are the representative and 'voice' for customers living in your local area. They have direct contact with A2Dominion to report areas of concern from their neighbours, helping us to fix things promptly and make a real difference to their local area.

Apply to the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund (NIF)

The Neighbourhood Improvement Fund is a pot of money available to customers to make small-scale improvements to shared areas of their estate. Applications are considered by a panel of customers who review and decide which projects we can fund.

Learn more about the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund

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