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Investing in our communities

We work with customers to develop safe, sustainable communities by providing a wide range of services to support local neighbourhoods.

These services include youth enterprise and grant funding schemes, accredited training programmes and regular community events.

Since 2012, A2Dominion has awarded £75,000 in grants to 39 entrepreneurs and provided them with advice and support to help them start local businesses.

Over the past year alone, we have helped dozens of people get into employment and more than 600 people get online.

We helped customers secure £3.8m in housing benefits in 2015/16.

In 2016/2017 we partnered with organisations, including BT, GSK, and the BBC to engage 212 volunteers, accumulating a total of 1,699 volunteer hours. These volunteers have worked on seven schemes, helping with redecoration, gardening and providing much needed company to vulnerable tenants.

We are regularly recognised for the work we do. We have won the 2016 Ealing Apprenticeship Network Employer of the Year award and the Beethoven Centre, one of our community centres in London, has won first prize in the ‘Active Place’ category at Active Westminster Awards.

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