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Home spring 2017



Welcome to Home spring 2017, the service charge edition.

You may have already received this special edition in the post, along with your annual service charge estimate, to complement your service charge information.

In this issue, we focus particularly on the areas that customers ask us about the most. We hope that by doing this we will give you greater insight into how we calculate your service charge.

If, after reading this issue you would like further information, please visit the rent and service charge section of our website where you can find more detailed information on all our service charge categories.

On the cover: Ursula with her children, Fabien and Valentina, from Hounslow, London.

Taking a closer look at your service charge for 2017/18

How we calculate your service charge estimate.

How we manage your services

We discuss who pays charges such as 'Administration Fees' and 'Management Fee's and what services they cover.

Make more time for the things that matter

Save your time. Pay your rent and service charge by Direct Debit, the most convenient way to pay.

The big picture: saving you from future costs

We explain why you may be paying more than expected towards certain charges and how we're saving our customers money in the long term.

What does your fire safety charge cover?

You may see the charge 'Fire Safety' on your service charge estimate, but what exactly are you paying for?

Are your valuables safe?

You can keep your belongings safe from harm by getting home insurance cover.

Enter our competition for your three chances to win £50

You could win £50 in high street shopping vouchers simply by answering three easy questions.

Contacting us this Easter?

Our Customer Services Centre will be closed for Easter on Friday 14 April 2017 and Monday 17 April 2017. Find out how to contact us during this time.

Take part in our next photoshoot!

Would you like to be a part of our next customer photoshoot? Simply register your interest with us.

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