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How can I transfer to another A2Dominion home?

We have a choice-based lettings scheme, called HomeKey, which allows registered customers to view available A2Dominion homes and bid for them.

When you register with HomeKey, its website will automatically search its databases and match you to homes that suit your needs. You can also use the search facility to find and view a selection of homes across the south of England. You can then register your interest in, or place a bid on the property.

You can download a HomeKey application form here.

As you complete the application form, make sure you complete the ‘disability’ and ‘medical issues’ sections if you have a serious illness or disability that is being made worse by your current housing situation.

Once your application is complete, send it to us. After we have processed your form, we'll send you login details. You can then log into the HomeKey site and bid on properties.


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